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Mass Updating your Tree Inventory

The bulk uploader may be used to mass update existing tree and empty planting site records on your tree map. Tree records are matched using the Planting Site ID field, which appears in the export. For reference, the Planting Site ID field corresponds to the number shown in the URL for an empty planting site or tree detail page (331388 in https://www.opentreemap.org/phillytreemap/features/331388/, for example). This is different from the Tree Number, which appears at the top of all tree detail pages.

  • Export the trees you are looking to mass update from your map’s home page. A .csv file with your tree inventory data will automatically save to your Downloads folder. Open the file.
  • In order to mass update information, you must include Point X, Point Y, Planting Site ID fields as well as any fields you are looking to update.If you want to update Genus, Species and/or Common Name, all three fields are required. You must delete Planting Site: Stewardship and Tree: Stewardship fields because stewardship activities cannot be mass uploaded or updated. 
  • You can keep all other fields in the spreadsheet. Removing them from your spreadsheet will not affect the information that is mass updated and removing them will not delete the information from your map. 
  • If you are updating custom multiple choice fields, make sure your your entries are case sensitive. For example, if you have a custom condition field with the option "Good" and you attempt to upload a tree with the record "good," you will receive an error message. The genus, species and common name fields are not case sensitive. 
  • Once you've made the requisite mass updates, save your .csv file. Navigate to the Bulk Uploader tab and find the file under Tree Species upload and follow the prompts. Any records without existing Planting Site IDs will be treated as new trees or empty planting sites. 


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