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Creating a Custom field

Need to track a specific stewardship activity or the number of bird nests in trees in your inventory? OpenTreeMap enables map owners to create custom fields on the fly. This post takes you through the steps to do just that.

Step 1: Click on the "Manage" tab on the top navigation bar. Once on the "Manage" page, click "Custom Fields" on the left side menu, as demonstrated below.


Step 2:  In the "Field Name" box, type whatever you wish to track.  For instance, in the example below below I typed in "Bird House", which I can track either as part of my "Trees" or my "Planting Sites".  Next, select the "Field Type": Number, Decimal, List of Choices, Text or Date.  Pick whichever field type most easily and accurate collects the desired information.

In my example, I selected "List of Choices", then typed in "Yes" or "No" because I want to be able to track whether there are bird houses in the trees in my inventory or not.  Basically, "List of Choices" enables you to determine a list of possible answers that will appear in a drop down menu. When finished, click on "Create Custom Field."  You will now need to determine the levels of permission you will grant to map users.


Step 3:  Once your custom field has been created, a series of roles appear underneath it: "Administrator"; "Editor"; "Public". You need to decide if you want to give "Full Write Access"; 'Read Only"; or "Invisible" , i.e No Access, to your different users . Once you have set the permissions scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Update Fields" button.


Step 4:  To make your custom field visible to your different users, navigate to the "Roles" page by clicking on the "Roles" in the left side menu. By default you will land under the "Administrator" role (you can see it in the "Update Existing Role" at the top of the page), which you can change to "Editor" or "Public".  Select your newly created custom field and set the permission you wish to grant for each role. To save changes, click the "Update" button at the bottom of the page. The image below shows the complete process for setting up a custom field "Bird House" to be "Full Write Access".


Step 5: Navigate to a tree's detail page on your tree map. Your newly created custom field now appears.



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