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Adding a Picture to a Tree

You can add a picture to a tree on both web and mobile applications.

If you're logged into the tree map online, click on the specific tree for which you have a photo. Click on the "Add Photo" button in the upper right corner to replace the existing stock photo.Once you've successfully uploaded a picture from your computer, you will automatically be prompted to share via social media. 

If you're using the mobile application, you will press add in the upper right to Add A Tree. Tap the new tree location, press Next, and under Tree Details you will press Tree Picture. From here you can take a picture of the tree with your phone's camera or upload an existing picture from your photo gallery. To do either, you must allow OpenTreeMap to access to Camera and/or Photos. Once you've chosen the picture, hit Done to save all changes. The picture will not appear until you press Done.

You can now see your picture next to the Tree Species and Address information. 

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