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Moderating User Comments

To help prevent abuse, you can moderate comments that your users leave on your Tree Map. Select "Manage" from the navigation bar at the top and then click on "Community Management" in the Administration menu on the left. Choose "Comments". 

The "Comments" page shows all comments that have been submitted to your Tree Map. By default, you will see Active comments when you land on this page. Active comments are any comments that have not been Archived. New comments appear here, and previously Archived comments will also be set to Active if flagged by users.

You can Hide, Unhide, Archive, Unarchive, and Unflag comments from the "Comments" moderation page.

Hide: On the Tree or Planting Site detail page, users will see: "[This comment has been removed by a moderator.]". The original text of the comment will remain visible through the "Comments" moderation page. The comment will remain Active unless you Archive it.

Archive: The comment will remain on your Tree Map, and you will no longer see it in the Active selection of the "Comments" moderation page.

Unflag: This action resets the Flag count to 0. The comment flag history will remain visible through the "Comments" moderation page (Previously flagged by: user). The comment will remain Active unless you Archive it.

If your Tree Map has a large number of comments, you can use the filtering features to help you navigate them. You can view Active, Hidden, and Archived comments by selecting from the drop down menu in the top right. You can further sort these comments by Tree ID, number of Flags, User, and Date by clicking on the column labels.

To help with managing a large number of comments, you can also Mass Edit comments. First, select the comments you want to edit by clicking on the check box in the far left column, then choose your edit action from the drop down menu at the top of the column: Hide, Unhide, Archive, Unarchive, or Unflag.

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