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Editing Custom Fields

With OpenTreeMap, you can rename, add and remove choices for List of Choice fields. To make edits go to the Manage tab > Field Configuration > Custom Fields. Below each List of Choices and List of Choices (multiple) fields, you will see the options to Add, Remove or Rename a choice. You can also Delete the field entirely by clicking the red "Delete Field" button.

Once created, you can not make any changes to a date, text, integer or decimal fields. To change the field name or the field type, you must delete the field and create a new field with the proper set-up. Deleting the field will delete all data collected for these fields. There is no way to convert one type of custom field into another. For example, you cannot convert a decimal field into an integer field.

If you attempt to delete a field, you will receive a warning message with the number of trees and/or planting sites containing data for that field. Deleting the field will permanently remove data entered for all trees, including the edit history. If you want to keep the data, we suggest you set the field permissions for this field to invisible for all user roles.



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