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How are Ecosystem Benefits calculated?

We calculate the economic and environmental impacts of trees using the i-Tree Streets software developed by the USDA Forest Service. This software provides options for calculating benefits by assigning a dollar value to the impact of trees in a number of ecological areas. These areas include electricity, natural gas, carbon dioxide, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic compounds, and stormwater interception. The USDA Forest Service provides default dollar values for each of the categories in i-Tree.

You can find out more about i-Tree Streets on their website here. The values generated for each tree are based on DBH, species and the climate region in which the tree is located. The climate region map for the United States is here. The Forest Service does not recommend i-Tree Streets for use outside the continental United States, which is why international maps and those in Hawaii and Alaska do not display benefits.
A link to the eco-benefits code repository showing the values for each DBH range per species per climate region can be found on OpenTreeMap's Github: https://github.com/OpenTreeMap/otm-ecoservice
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