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Creating Custom Fields

To create a custom field go to the Manage tab > Field Configuration > Custom Fields. Your map will be preset with two custom fields, Tree Stewardship and Planting Site Stewardship. To add additional stewardship options, simply click "Add New Choice." You can make these two preset fields invisible to all users, however, they cannot be deleted.  


You can add an unlimited number of additional custom fields to your map. To add a new field, click "Add Field" in the upper right and a pop up box will appear.

Enter the Field Enter your desired field name. Once created, you can add and edit field options for multiple choice fields, however, you can not change the field name or field type without deleting the field and all data collected for that field. 

Custom fields can be created for both Trees and Planting Sites, so make sure to correctly associate your custom field correctly. Planting Site fields will appear on the detail page regardless of whether or not a tree is present. Tree fields will only appear on records with trees present. 

Field Type refers to the method by which you want to select data. OpenTreeMap offers six types of custom fields (integer, decimal, date, multiple choice, checklist and text fields). Chose the type of field that makes it easiest to enter and query the information you're collecting. We recommend only using text fields to collect more detailed information (field notes, etc.). Given the inevitably of typos, grammatical errors, differing punctuation, etc. it can be difficult to query and filter text fields. 

Once you enter the requisite information for your new Custom Field, click "Finish." You will see your newly created field at the top of the page. For every new field created, the Permissions will default to Full Write Access for Administrators and Editors and Invisible for all Public Users. 

After creating the new field, you will also notice a notification next to roles. The number relates to the number of custom fields you added, and serves as a reminder to update the user roles and permissions for these fields. Like all preset fields, customized fields may be Full Write Access, Read Only or Invisible. Custom Fields and their associated user permissions can be updated at any time by users with access to the Management page.



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