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Adding a Tree to your Tree Map

You must be logged in to OpenTreeMap to add a tree. Once you are logged in, you can select "Add a Tree" from the navigation bar in the top left.

Alternatively, while viewing an existing Tree Map you can select "Add a Tree" from the navigation bar over the Eco Benefits tab on the right.


Once you have clicked "Add a Tree", you will be asked to set the tree's location. OpenTreeMap allows users to set a location by typing in an address, clicking a spot on the map, or by giving OpenTreeMap access to your location.

When you are satisfied with the location of your tree, click "Next". You will be prompted to enter information about the tree, including species, height, and diameter. Since measuring a tree's diameter can be difficult, OpenTreeMap will automatically calculate the diameter for you if you enter the tree's circumference. None of these fields are required, however, OpenTreeMap cannot calculate the Eco Benefits of a tree without the species and diameter information.


When you have entered as much additional information as you can, click "Next" to view a summary of your tree entry. If you have made a mistake, you can click the "Back" button to change information in the previous steps. Otherwise, select one of the next-step options, and click "Done".

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